About Us

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Cliff's family has been on the DeSoto, Wisconsin farm for the past twenty some years. Kris, having lived in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, joined Cliff at the farm 6 years ago. Together they have been expanding their chicken flock. And yearly increasing the size of their garden, and the vegetables they raise.

Kris' side of KC Design is finding the photo opportunity, capturing the shot, and transforming into a card. The cards started out being printed by a local printer, but are now all printed at home.  Cliff's side of the business is the creation of metal art work using re-purposed pieces from his shop work.

While not organic, the chickens are "happy" chickens. Free ranging in the spring, summer, and fall. Enjoying as much grass, and as many bugs as the ladies can find in a day. Their diet is supplemented with grain. In the winter months, they do get out of the coop as much as weather allows, but their safety is always of the utmost concern.

Same principals apply to the vegetable gardening. While, not organic, their are no chemicals used. Weeds are pulled by hand, or tilled under. Never killed by chemicals. The 2016 garden, the plants were all started by seed in the soon to be expanded green house area.

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